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Pinterest Picks: A Springtimey Palette

This weeks Pinterest Picks are heavily influenced by Spring's soft pastels...but with a toned down vibe that seems to keeps them from venturing too far into crazy candyland. I'm still loving my black, white, and neutrals (of course)...but have noticed a stronger and stronger itch for pops of color with every blossom that's bloomed around us. How about you? Are you ready for brighter colors or are you still digging cozy wintery hues?

See more of my recent pins over on Pinterest.

Links: 1. Moth Girl by Amyisla Illustration /via/ 2. Homemade Marshmallows by The FauxMartha /via/ 3. Game Face Moisturizer from Triumph & Disaster /via/ 4. Gorgeous Florals from Atlanta Magazine, featured on 100 Layer Cake /via/ 5. Coconut-Key Lime Pie fom Martha Stewart Living /via/ 6. Zimmermann Locket Floral-print Bikini /via/


Learning a new Skill: Digital Illustration with Brad Woodard

Hi friends! I just wanted to quickly pop by to share my excitement with you. Earlier this morning I enrolled in designer/illustrator Brad Woodard's Skillshare online class where he will be teaching Digital Illustration: Communicate with Color, Pattern, and Texture...and I couldn't be more jazzed.

I love Brad's illustrative style, and am hopeful that even without all the usual tools (my digital tablet, scanner, etc. are all stuck on our missing moving truck) I can learn a ton through his tutelage. The best part...after a discount code (offered via Brad's blog) the full class is only $15! No reason not to sign up, right?! I hope that if you have been curious about illustration or have been wanting to add the skill to your long list of talents, that you'll consider joining so we can be classmates!

Why not Today? Lessons begin tomorrow! I hope to see you there! xo Ez

All illustrations by Brad Woodard


Color Inspiration: 03. 18. 13

Wonderful illustration work by artist Angela Keoghan. Prints available at August Avenue.


Easy Strawberry Cheesecake with Ginger Snap Pecan Crust

I considered titling this post: Finding Small Comforts in the Midst of Discomfort...but the words "cheesecake" and "ginger snap" seemed to have a bit more of a ring to them. In any event, this isn't a recipe post in the traditional sense (not to worry...there are links and notes leading you to the recipes included below), but instead more of an update on our moving situation (as I promised I'd give you) and a little glimpse at one of the small distractions (cooking) I've used to keep my spirits up during this very long drawn-out moving headache.

So if you've been watching our moving/settling-in process over on Instagram then you may have noticed an absence of furniture in any of my photos. This is because although we were verbally promised that our moving truck would arrive in California on the same day as we were scheduled to, we have since (16 days later) not heard a word from them (they won't answer or return my phone calls). Yes, it's incredibly scary! About 100 times a day I start imagining strangers digging through our belongings, selling off our stuff and trashing the things I love the most...artwork from my daughter and my daughter's baby photos (I have no digital copies of them...they are irreplaceable. Nearly every single thing I own is on that truck). The one small glimmer of hope I have is that upon investigating the fine print of our contract, I discovered a section that claims that delivery will happen within 14-21 days (I'm willing to put the verbal promise behind us at this point, and am holding my breath that there is still hope that we'll see our belongings before next week ends). So we've got 5 days before I start considering what legal action I want to take...I can't even let my brain go there yet.

In any event...while it is incredibly stressful (understatement of the year) not knowing where our belongings are, or if we will ever see them again, we are still very happy that we've made it here to California (in the midst of a very gorgeous pre-Spring season at that). There is no shortage of sunlight or fresh produce here (I am so thankful). Because of the bounty, I've been itching to start making all sorts of yummy recipes. Thankfully I was smart enough to pack a few cooking necessities in the car with us, such as a couple of pots and pans, utensils, etc.. On Tuesday, after our second trip to a roadside stand for strawberries, I decided that a cheesecake was probably in order (plus we were driving down to visit my grandparents the next day, so we had a good excuse). Of course the recipe needed to be as simple as possible to accommodate my limited cooking gadgetry. Queue the No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake filling from Epicurious (I used Neufchâtel Cheese in place of standard cream cheese to lower the fat content), which I then poured it into my favorite Ginger Snap Pecan Crust (it's gluten-free, but you'd never know it). It was divine! Sweet, creamy, a little bit tart, and scrumptious!

You can even make the crust if you don't have a food processor! I discovered that a hammer and a couple plastic bags will work just as well for pulverizing the cookies into crumbs as a machine! Awesome, and worth the extra effort! If you're in need of a simple and delicious dessert recipe (maybe for Easter or Mother's Day), I can't recommend this tasty combo enough. And if you don't have strawberries on hand, I'm certain this recipe would taste just as yummy with any other variety of berry. Mmmm...


While quickly snapping these photos yesterday, I thought it would be amusing to give you a little look at my "photo set-up" (click the image for an enlarged view). Won't it look better when my furniture arrives?! I hope, hope, hope, it gets here soon! Cross your fingers for us please! xo Ez

Oh...and here's another one of our small comforts that we are so thankful for: snuggles with our sweet boy Orey.


DIY Embroidery Thread Wrapped Earrings

This is a special guest post was created by Anne Weil of Flax & Twine. Find more handmade lovelies, simple design and beautiful inspiration on her inspiring blog.


Hi everyone!  I’m so happy and honored to be a guest poster on Creature Comforts today. I’ve been following along with excitement as Ez has shared her big move with us. Having just moved across the country myself, I am empathetic to the anxiety and discombobulation that comes along with the thrill of a moving adventure. To pack up all your stuff and leave your known environment, only to arrive in a place that needs a lot of settling can overwhelm anyone! Ez has handled this transition seamlessly and gracefully on the blog. She makes it all look so easy. Nonetheless, I am hoping this post eases her blog burden ever so slightly in the transition. I adore this fun jewelry tutorial. I hope you do, too!

I originally made a neon green version of these hoops for an 80's Halloween party­–perfect under the black lights. When I went to pick colors for this tutorial, however, I pulled this more gentle color palette with a punch of black. I think it's so lovely. These hoops are simple to make, yet such a fun splash of hand made in your wardrobe. Add the ability to customize every pair and you might just not be able to stop making them. I adore these little black and white ones.

These hoops make for a fabulous last minute, personalized gifts, too!  Here's the tutorial:

Supplies needed:

  • Embroidery thread (I suggest DMC 6-strand floss for a smooth finish)
  • Inexpensive hoop earrings (I found these at Target)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

Cut 40” of chosen embroidery thread colors for a large hoop, less for smaller hoops. If you place the hoops in your ear before you start, it will help you decide where to change colors and place the majority of your design color work (remove hoop from ear before next step).

Start by placing a small bit of craft glue at the end of the hoop.  

Take desired embroidery thread colors and line them up parallel to the hoop, placing the end of the thread in the bit of glue. Choose the thread color you want to start with and begin wrapping it around the hoop...the other colors you aren’t using they go along for the ride (make sure they are being hidden by the thread color that you want to have showing). Keep wrapped thread snugly side-by-side so you can’t see the hoop or other colors underneath.

When you want to change colors, drop the first color parallel to the hoop and start wrapping with the next color you’d like. Repeat to change colors again. Change as many times as you'd like.  

When you get to the end, place another small bit of glue. Wrap thread directly over that glue, using your finger to wipe away any excess. Trim the embroidery thread colors that you are not using first as close to the hoop as possible. Then place a little extra glue to secure the remaining thread over the ends of the other colors, and trim excess. Repeat the finishing process on the other side of the wrapped hoop. Repeat full process for your other earring. Voila!

To create the striped earrings, simply wrap the embroidery threads together at the same time, as if they were one. Keep them in the same alignment as you wrap, and finish with the same process as used above.

So fast, easy and fun! Happy Hooping!


Don't forget to visit Flax & Twine for more DIY projects and inspiration.

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