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A collection of creative ideas (projects or concepts without actual tutorials, that are inspiring just the same). Hover your mouse over each image to view the title of the creative idea. Click images to visit each link.

DIY Business Cards    DIY Gift Wrapping Box    Easy Carved Stamp Tag

DIY Personalized Floral Wrap by Tokketok    Organize with Jam Jars from House to Home    Create Texture with Layered Paper by Joanna Rutter

A Gleeful Tree by Dottie Angel    Japanese Masking Tape Bunting Invites by Merrilee    Vellum Confetti Postcards by Lisa Rupp

Cupcake Liners with Pushpins as Art via Citypix    Antlers as Twine Holder by Margaret Oomen    Foil Candy Wrappers as Bunting Wrapping from Tokketok

Paint Your Own Tic-tac-toe Set via Varpunen    Make Your Own Stickers from Ishtar Olivera    Quick Mug Makeover by Ornamelle

Painted Jar Lids by Kerstin Treber-Koban    Repurposed Jam Jars by Puglyfeet    DIY Fabric Strip Ribbon Garland from My Life as a Sugar Lander

Craft Party Invites from My Life as a Sugar Lander    Make an Envelope with Gift Wrap by Hilda Grahnat    DIY Paper Quilt Art from Linda & Harriett

Content was selected for its inspirational nature. At the time of creation each image was linked to its original source. Over time this information may no longer be active.  If you have an updated link or if you would like your work removed, please feel free to contact me.

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