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Hover your mouse over each image to view the project title. Click images to visit the project posts.

2011 Printable Calendar with Postcards    Blank Oval Decorative Labels    Printable Manila Tags

Seating Cards/Treat Bag Toppers    Cute Snail Stationery Set    Mint + Mocha Striped Tape Download

Lace-pattern Stationery Set    Lace-Pattern Gift Tags + Labels    Teacup Note Card with DIY

Matchbox Labels    Illustrated Recipe Card    Polka Dot Crafting Papers

Floral Note Cards    Mini Note Cards with Envelope Template    Numbered Table Cards 1-20

Printable Floral Card + Labels    Green Apple Stationery Set    Cute Apple Note Flats

Lemon-themed Recipe Card/Note Card    Cupcake-shaped Tags     Apple + Award Mini Lunch Notes

Thank You Cards    Printable List Sheets     Decorative Trip Paper Set

Recipe/Note Cards    Fall-themed Tags + Mini Flags    Fall-themed Tags and Napkin Bands

Iron-on Robot + Owl    Mini Dream Journal Cover/Note Card    Mini Notebook Covers

Printable Library Cards + Envelopes    Aqua + Orange Mailing Labels    Printable Seating Cards    

Scrolly Candy Bar Labels    Valentine Iron-on Pillow Transfer    Valentine Teabag Wrappers

Holiday Photo Cards + Labels    Winter Bird Gift Tags    Holiday Tag Sheets in 3 Colors

Printable Bow Gift Toppers    Classic Holiday Tags    Festive Holiday Tags

Printable Paper Button Embellishments    Printable Summer Fruit Tags    Printable Patterned Tag Sets

Printable Holiday Set    Peppermint Reindeer Patties with Printable Tags    Printable Alphabet Gift Tags

Printable Geometric Gift Tags    Flamingo Thank You Cards    School-themed Tags & Labels

Printable Popsicle Party Set & Gift Tags    Halloween Candy Bar Wraps and Treat Bag Toppers

Click images to visit a few of my favorite freebies from other bloggers (may direct to an external site).

Mini Valentine Candy Bar Wraps    Printable Valentine Postcard by Alana K Davis    Dress-up Paper Dolls by Sara Neuburger

Deer Holiday Tags by Kristina    Printable Cricket Tags by Heather Ross    Ice Cream Party Printable by Lucie Summers

Candy Button Bag Toppers by Bake it Pretty     Printable Notebook Cover from Tristan   Super-duper Printable Holiday Tags Roundup

Printable Jam Jar Labels from Eat Drink Chic    Printable Calling Cards by Susy    Printable Everyday Greeting Card by Susy

Free Printable Photo Borders by Susy    Holiday Gift Tags by Camilla Engman    Printable Ice Cream Party Invites from One Charming Party

    Printable Labels from Calsidyrose    Printable Labels from Miss Cutiepie

Ice Cream Gift Tags from Eat Drink Chic    Printable Canning Tags from Cottage Industrialist

At the time of creation each image was linked to an active post or its original source. Over time this information may no longer be active. If you have an updated link or if you would like your work removed, please feel free to contact me.

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