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Entries in color purple (129)


Color Inspiration: 04. 01. 13

Gorgeous magnolia blooms photographed by Yvonne Kone (via)


Color Inspiration: 03. 26. 13

Hi friends! Last night we received more bad news about our missing moving truck, so I'm having a tough time creating posts at the moment. I hope you'll enjoy this pretty color inspiration image today while I work on writing lovely things for the rest of the week. Thanks for hanging in there with me. xo Ez

Gorgeous photography by Elisabeth Heier. See more on her beautiful blog.


Color Inspiration: 03. 11. 13

Beautiful Cactus Plants photographed by Naomi. See more lovelieness on her blog: Of Anselm.


Color Inspiration Daily: 02. 21. 13

Pretty color inspiration from KT Smail. Find KT's shop here.

Art direction and set design by KT Smail and Ariel Dearie. Illustrations by KT Smail. Flowers by Ariel Dearie Flowers, Model and Stylist Aurelia Diaz-Henderson.


Violet Tulips

I fell in love with the color of these gorgeous violet-hued tulips last week, and couldn't stop photographing them. Don't you just love the way the light glows right through the velvety petals! Let's get even closer, shall we?!

If you're interested, you can find a print of this photo up in my shop along with a newly-listed capture of some pretty peonies that look just like pink petticoats. Have a beautiful Monday friends! xo Ez

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