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Entries in color brown (112)


Color Inspiration Daily: 12. 03. 12


Color Inspiration Daily: 11. 06. 12

Photography by Nicole Franzen for Clam Lab and Pure Green Magazine. See more from Nicole's beautiful shoot here. (via)


Color Inspiration Daily: 11. 05. 12


Pinterest Picks: Camel, Black, and White

It's pretty clear that 'camel' is really just a fancy word for tan, but it does sound a bit more intriguing and less like the aftereffects of sun damage, don't you think. So today, a mini roundup of pretties from Pinterest in black, white and camel. xo Ez

1. If You're Waiting for a Sign hand-cut paper quote by Mr. Yen Papercuts, featured on Design*Sponge (via) | 2. Flea Market Chic Home Accent from Better Homes & Gardens (via) | 3. Chocolate Donuts with Salted Caramel Icing (via) | 4. Assembly x Neji Commu Leather Watch (via) | 5. Carrot Polka Dot Backpack (via) | 6. Adelie Leather Stud Ankle Boots (via) | 7. Hello Sailor Free Printables from Hey Look (via)


Color Inspiration Daily: 09. 14. 12

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