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Square One...

Welcome to the "NEW" Creature Comforts!  Thanks for coming by... I hope you'll take a moment to bookmark CC and/or subscribe to my RSS feed.  Speaking of which... you have got to try Google's latest fantastic creation: Google Reader.  It's super easy to use, and my favorite feature is the ability to add customized tags to each feed as you read it.  You can also share pages of interest with your friends, "star" a favorite post for easy reference, and more.  It's grand!... and now that Creature Comforts is "underscore-free"... you can add me too!  Hurray!

In the coming months I plan to bring you some new and exciting features, and hope that you'll drop me a line if you think of anything in the meantime that you'd like to see here, that needs improvement, or just to say "hi"... you can never get too many happy messages in your inbox!

For the first post here I wanted to share with you the work of Kate Wilson.  I found her on Flickr, and just adore her style.  In addition to her artistic talent, Kate also has two blogs.  Her art blog: Little Doodles (you can e-mail her if you see anything you are interested in purchasing or check out her NEW etsy shop.) ...and I, Bejeweled  featuring some of the most fabulously inspirational jewelry.  Check 'em out!

Thanks for being here! xox Ez

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