Creature Comforts Has Moved
Monday, April 22, 2013

Hi friends! Earlier this month I was thrilled to announce a brand new online home for Creature Comforts! Unfortunately due to an unforeseen technical glitch with the old site's feed, many of you may not have seen this announcement (such a bummer)! I'm really sorry about the mix-up and would love to invite you all to come on over to visit the new site today.

If you previously subscribed to Creature Comforts and would like to continue to receive updates, please note: you will need to resubscribe to the new site's feed!

Since Google Reader will no longer be active/in existence in a few months, I recommend using rss readers like Feedly or Bloglovin (you can follow Creature Comforts on Bloglovin here).

Alternatively, you can add our RSS feed url to any other feed reader of your choice

The old feed was unfortunately left behind in the move, and there is just no way around this little roadblock. I apologize for the hassle, and do so hope to see you over in Creature Comforts' new virtual home. xox Ez

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